A House with Weslo

Weslo, Almond Housing Association and West Lothian Council are partners in The West Lothian Common Housing Register. Applicants wishing to register for housing with one or all three social housing landlords only require to complete one application form. An application form can be obtained from any of our offices, or may be downloaded Here Our Allocation Policy can be viewed or downloaded Here There is also a self assessment form that can be completed in support of your housing application if your present accommodation is not suitable for your needs, due to a medical condition. This form can be obtained from any of our offices, or may be downloaded Here To view other housing options in West Lothian click on the attached link to West Lothian Council Housing Options Here

Weslo has over 400 properties for rent in Bo’ness and the Falkirk area. An application form can be obtained from any of our offices or may be downloaded Here If you are applying for housing because your present accommodation is not suitable for your needs due to a medical condition, you should obtain a copy of the Housing Priority Functional Assessment form from Falkirk Council to support you housing application.

Stock Location and Profile

Stock Summary To view our current stock profile, and locations, please click here

Weslo reintroduced its Flexible Tenure Scheme in 2011 whereby we will buy back ex-Weslo properties allowing owners to become Weslo tenants. The scheme was originally introduced in 1996 to assist owners who were in financial difficulties. It ran successfully for 7 years with 45 owners converting to a tenancy. It ended in 2003 when the Government introduced the National Mortgage to Rent Scheme which made subsidies available to all Registered Social Landlords to assist in purchasing homes from owners threatened with repossession and converting their tenure to tenancies. Under Weslo’s scheme, the company will purchase the family home, normally for 85% of the market value less the cost of any immediate repairs required, and the owner becomes a tenant with all the rights inherent in a Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement. After two years tenants may have the right to buy back their home at any time for the same percentage of the prevailing market value, should they wish to do so. “The Mortgage to Rent National scheme is an excellent facility” said Weslo Operations Director Mike Crozier “and Weslo has successfully purchased over 120 houses with Government assistance since its inception. But, in the current economic climate, more and more owners are approaching us to see if we would be interested in buying their property, enabling them to become Weslo tenants. These people are not necessarily under immediate threat of repossession – so don’t qualify for the Government scheme – but are just finding things tight or are undergoing divorce or separation – which brings it’s own financial pressures and again does not qualify for the subsidised scheme. Mortgage To Rent “There’s no doubt that the Government’s scheme is the best option for people under threat of repossession” concluded Mike Crozier “but for those at the margins of qualification or in circumstances which do not qualify them for the scheme, ours is a viable alternative which can help them weather the storm with a safe roof over their heads”.

Tenant Handbook Click on the following link to view the current Tenant Handbook

Weslo has lockups to rent in:

  • Barbauchlaw, Armadale
  • Kirkton, Bathgate
  • Bo’ness
  • Uphall
  • East Calder
  • West Calder
  • Murraysgate, Whitburn

To register your interest please complete an application form or contact us at:-

  • Weslo Housing Management
  • 66 North Bridge Street
  • Bathgate
  • West Lothian
  • EH48 4PP
  • Tel: 01506 634060
  • Fax: 01506 639122

What is a Mutual Exchange?

When two or more tenants wish to exchange houses with each other it is possible to exchange with:

  • another Weslo tenant
  • a Council tenant
  • a Housing Association tenant

An exchange can only be granted if it complies with Weslo’s Allocation Policy and that of any other Registered Social Landlord.  You must have a Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement.

How do I find a Mutual Exchange?

Mutual Exchanges

There are several ways to find another tenant to exchange with:

  • advertise in a local newspaper or shop
  • apply to www.HomeSwapper.co.uk
  • advertise for a mutual exchange with Weslo.

To download a Mutual Exchange Advert Form click here.  Your advert will be placed on our website, mutual exchange register and our office window.  To view the mutual exchanges currently on our website Click Here.

Found someone to Exchange with

If you are a Weslo tenant you should complete a mutual exchange application form which is available at any of our offices or click here to download.  You will also require to obtain a mutual exchange application form from the landlord of the person you wish to exchange with, if they are not also Weslo tenants. If you are not a Weslo tenant you should also complete a Weslo mutual exchange application form which is available at any of our offices or click here to download.  You also require to obtain a mutual exchange form from you own landlord. Please note before tenants can exchange house they require the approval of their landlords.