About Us

Weslo Housing Management Ltd, a company limited by guarantee with charitable status is a Registered Social Landlord operating in the Falkirk and West Lothian Council areas. Our registered office is in Bathgate with a local office in Bo’ness

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Weslo owns 2,300 properties in West Lothian and Bo’ness. We are also the estate manager to over 3,500 private owners who have acquired their properties through Right to Buy.

Our key objective is to provide affordable, good quality, rented housing suited to the people of West Lothian and Bo’ness

The company was established in 1994 through a stock transfer of Scottish Homes properties by former employees of the agency. These former employees are now the Chief Executive, Operations and Finance Directors of Weslo and form the Executive Team, and uniquely sit on Weslo’s Board.

Weslo Housing Management is governed by a Board of 12, headed by a non-Executive Chairman. The Board is made up of 4 tenant directors, 5 wider community representatives and 3 Executive Directors forming the Executive Team, who are charged with the day-to-day running of the business, (N.B. Board structure currently under review).

  • Owns over 2,300 units
  • Has an annual turnover in excess of £8.5M
  • Annually invests around £2M in it’s housing stock and environment
  • Weslo Housing Management also has a subsidiary company Weslo Initiatives Ltd.

Weslo Initiatives provide the management and letting function for mid-market rented properties owned by Weslo Housing Management at Millhaugh Lane, Bathgate, Corbiehall, Bo’ness, Sheephousehill Lane, Fauldhouse and from September 2013 Station Road, Armadale and Whiteside Court, Bathgate in November 2014.

Equal Opportunities

Weslo is an equal opportunity employer and will seek to prevent discrimination particularly on the grounds of sex, marital status, disability, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or age.

The company will ensure that individuals are selected, promoted, transferred and generaly treated on the basis of their relevant aptitudes, skills and abilities. Accordingly criteria used in reaching decisions relating to recruitment, career development, promotion and training will be determined only by performance and ability of the individual and the requirement of the job available.

Weslo acknowledges the validity of existing anti-discrimination legislations and codes of practice applying in the employment field and will apply these to all Weslo employees and prospective employees.

Our equal opportunities policy aims to:

a) Promote equality of employment opportunities

b) Eliminate discrimination in employment

c) Apply relevant supportive procedures and practices.

Company Structure

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Organisational Chart

Company Ethos

1. We value integrity, honesty, openness and mutual respect.

2. We aim to provide high quality services.

3. We value our staff and will invest in their training, development and welfare.

4. We will adopt an enterprising “can do” attitude and will focus on making things happen.

5. We aim to do the right thing.

Company Objectives

Provide affordable good quality rented housing suited to the requirements of the community thereby assisting the Local Authorities in meeting the general housing needs of their areas.

Exercise local control over the housing stock and enable tenants and employees to have a greater say in policies affecting their housing and its environment.

Manage, maintain and develop the housing stock and its environment.

Use the resources of the company and other locally based groups to promote the economic development in the areas of its operation.

Improve the management service for tenants and provide further options for improvement of their homes.

Give tenants as much choice as possible in the services they receive.