About Us

Set up in 1993, Weslo Housing Management is one of the leading providers of housing and property services in West Lothian and Falkirk districts. Weslo Housing Management is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status, managing 2344 properties for social rent, (July ’19). We are also the estate manager to over 3,500 private owners who have acquired their properties through Right to Buy. Through our subsidiary, Weslo Initiatives Limited – trading as Weslo Property Management -we are pleased to offer a range of homes available for market and mid-market rent throughout West Lothian and Falkirk. Weslo property Management, a specialist in its field, also offer a range of associated services to private landlords and property owners. Services include Full Property Management, Lettings, Factoring  and Repairs. Weslo Property Management is governed by a Board of 6 , headed by a non-Executive Chair. The Board is made up of 2 Executive Directors and 4 non-Executive Directors. For more information on their private sector activities and services visit www.wesloproperty.co.uk Weslo Housing Management is governed by a Board of 12, headed by a non-Executive Chair. The Board is made up of 3 Executive Directors, who are charged with the day-to-day running of the business, and 9 non-Executive Directors.

Our Vision

Our Mission

We are an independent housing provider with a passion for doing the right thing and finding a way to say yes. We offer a range of housing and services to suit the needs and aspirations of our tenants and customers. We strive to help communities grow and improve the lives of our tenants through innovation and challenging the status quo.

Our Values

We are proud of the work we do and recognise the responsibility and importance of the services we provide. Our values underpin everything we do and will help us to deliver services which improve the lives of our tenants and wider community.

Championing the Individual

We put the individual at the heart of everything we do because we care. We will never take the easy option and will work hard to find solutions, by engaging, listening, and learning.

Creative Mindset

We want to do the right thing because we want to make a difference to people’s lives. We will always act with integrity, and will challenge ourselves to adopt an enterprising “can do” attitude.

Continuously Evolving

We will take the initiative to seek out and create opportunities to develop because we want to deliver service excellence for our tenants, customers, staff and the wider community.

Communicate Inclusively

We value and respect the uniqueness of the individual, their contributions, needs and opinions because every individual can help us become better at what we do. We will therefore continue to have clear, open, honest and professional communication that helps us develop our business.

Business Priorities

Homes & Services People & Culture Finance & Governance Social Inclusion

Strategic Objectives

Homes & Services

S01 To provide and maintain a range of high quality housing and housing options to meet the needs of our communities. S02 To ensure our services meet the needs of our tenants, customers and the wider community. S03 To continue to invest in our properties to meet tenants’ aspirations and regulatory standards. S04 To create a culture of continuous improvement by working more efficiently and effectively and to provide value for money.

People & Culture

S05 To create an environment where our staff feel respected, valued, engaged, accountable and empowered. S06 To ensure strong leadership, management and excellent service delivery by investing and developing our staff. S07 To be an employer of choice by creating opportunities for people to improve their employability prospects.

Finance & Governance

S08 To maintain our financial health to achieve our ambitions for growth. S09 To ensure Weslo’s Governance is compliant.

Social Inclusion

S010 To make a positive difference and contribution to society particularly through identifying the needs of those who are disadvantaged.

Company Structure

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Equal Opportunities

Weslo is an equal opportunity employer and will seek to prevent discrimination particularly on the grounds of sex, marital status, disability, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or age. The company will ensure that individuals are selected, promoted, transferred and generaly treated on the basis of their relevant aptitudes, skills and abilities. Accordingly criteria used in reaching decisions relating to recruitment, career development, promotion and training will be determined only by performance and ability of the individual and the requirement of the job available. Weslo acknowledges the validity of existing anti-discrimination legislations and codes of practice applying in the employment field and will apply these to all Weslo employees and prospective employees. Our equal opportunities policy aims to: a) Promote equality of employment opportunities b) Eliminate discrimination in employment c) Apply relevant supportive procedures and practices.