Initiatives / Partnership

Organisational Membership

Weslo are members of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA), Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), Scottish Housing Network (SHN), Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and the Living Wage Foundation.

West Lothian Development Alliance

In 2010 Weslo teamed up with Almond & Horizon Housing Associations to form the West Lothian Development Alliance (WLDA).  The Alliance was appointed as development partner with West Lothian Council to build affordable housing in West Lothian.

Partnership with other Agencies

Strategically Weslo has committed 5% of all relets, potentially 110 units to Homeless families.

Lets for care in the community projects have been provided to a variety of agencies and staff maintain close contact with Occupational Therapists to carry out medical adaptations for elderly or disabled tenants.

Community Budget

Weslo maintains a community budget for the purpose of assisting local groups or initiatives. Some of the more prominent beneficiaries of this assistance include:

Initiatives Partnership

  • Firefly Arts
  • Five Sisters Zoo
  • Bathgate & West Lothian Highland Games
  • West Lothian Bowling Association Seniors Championship
  • John Newlands Festival – Best Decorated House
  • Radio Grapevine
  • Union Kinneil Brass Band

Working for You

Maintenance Workforce

Working For You

The repairs service continues to be a key area for tenant satisfaction. Weslo’s maintenance team carry out day to day repairs in the core trades of joinery, plumbing, electrical, builderwork, plastering and gas servicing. Over 10,450 repairs are carried out annually. In 2013/14, 99.97% of these were attended to within their stated response time.

Rents and Spend

Since it’s formation in 1994 Weslo has linked annual rent increases to a maximum of inflation + 1%.

Weslo generates around £9M per year in rental income, and spends in the region of £2M each year in Planned Maintenance, Improvements and the Repair Maintenance Service

Tenant Satisfaction

Weslo has commissioned a number of tenant satisfaction surveys. In 1994, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2005, 2010 and 2013.
The first survey showed that 19% of tenants felt the service had improved following the transfer from Scottish Homes and 75% were satisfied overall.

Tenant Satidfaction

The tracking survey one year later produced comparable figures of 34% and 87%. 1997 found comparable figures of 49% and 91% and following the fifth anniversary survey in 1999 it was gratifying to note that the overall satisfaction level of our tenants has risen to 96%.
The survey carried out in 2005 found the overall satisfaction level stood at 91% and in 2010, the satisfaction level rose to 94%. Our most recent survey showed an increase in satisfaction levels to 93%.

Clearly the Company is meeting the service expectations of the vast majority of its tenants, who voted so positively in the initial ballot for transfer in 1993.

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