Welcome to the owner section of our website. We are keen to engage with the owners within our Estates and hope that these tailored pages provide all the information you may need.


If you would like to contact our Owner Liaison Officer directly to discuss a specific issue then please use the details below:

Alison Barker

Our Estates

Weslo owns over 2,300 properties in West Lothian, Bo’ness and other areas. We are the Estate Manager to over 3,500 owners and these figures fluctuate due to acquisitions through the Mortgage to Rent Scheme and our own Flexible Tenure Scheme, Right to Buy and our active open market purchase policy.

Our Estates contain a mixture of rented and owned properties. The housing type varies and includes cottage style properties and flats (block or tenement). We recognise that owners are stakeholders in our business therefore we engage with them to ensure our estates are managed efficiently and effectively. See our current stock report Weslo Stock Report.

We act as the Estate Manager for the purposes of carrying out common maintenance and comply with The Property Factor (Scotland) Act 2011. We have been the Estate Manager since 2004 when the feudal tenure system was abolished.

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