Estate Management Service


Estate Management Service

Weslo Housing Management provides an Estate Management Service. We perform these duties in the estates where we own land and property that we maintain. This ensures that the shared areas within each estate are properly maintained which is in the interest of all residents, tenants and owners. A copy of our Estate Management Service to Owners Policy can be found here Estate Management Service to Owners Policy


We are committed to:

    • Responding in a courteous, professional, efficient manner to ensure any owner enquiry is dealt with effectively.
    • Ensure we provide value for money and a quality service.
    • Endeavour to get it right first time.
    • Ensure continuous improvement of our estates and services.

Estate Management

We endeavour where possible to acknowledge all correspondence on the day it is received and provide a full detailed response within 14 days. All communication will use language that is simple and clear to ensure we have effective channels of communication with our customers.

All owners within an Estate are legally responsible for paying their share of the maintenance costs and the costs we incur in providing the Estate Management Service. We pay our share of these costs for the properties we own. Owners are invoiced for their share either annually or when substantial work is completed.

The shared areas can include landscaped areas such as grass, shrubs and trees as well as any footpaths or hard landscaped areas which are not maintained by the local council. For flats, the shared areas also include common parts of the building like the roof, stair entrance door and external walls.

Our Estates

We operate as Estate Manager in over 30 areas and when we own one property in a block we become the factor for the block. Our estates are mapped to provide information for our residents, on the areas we manage. Please click on a map below to view:

West Lothian


Academy View East Calder Midcalder
Map Map Map
Addiebrownhill Falside Murraysgate
Map Map Map
Addiewell Fauldhouse Polbeth
Map Map 1   Map 2 Map
Avondale Fivestanks Pumpherston
Map Map Map
Barbauchlaw Kirkhill Race Road
Map Map Map
Belvedere Wood Kirkhill, Greenfield Stoneyburn
Map Map Map 1 Map2
Blackburn Kirknewton Carledub
Map Map Map
Blaeberry Hill Kirkton West Calder
Map Map Map
Boghall Ladywell Whitedalehead
Map Map Map
Chapelton Livingston Station Whiteside
Map 1 Map 2 Map Map
Crossgreen Loaninghill Winchburgh
Map Map Map
Dalling Road Manse Avenue Wyndford
Map Map Map
Dedridge Millhaugh Lane Whitburn (Glencoe)
Map Map Map


Bo’mains East Kinneil Tamfourhill
Map Map 1 Map Map
Bo’mains North Linlithgow Town Centre
Map Map Map
Bo’mains South Maidenpark
Map Map
Grahamsdyke Newtown
Map Map

Owners Responsibilities

The Title Deeds for your property will clearly state your responsibilities for this work. Click here if you want a further explanation. Every house or flat within our Estates is subject to conditions contained in the Title Deeds for that property. The Title Deeds set out your rights and responsibilities in relation to your property and to the others within the estate. In practice this means that when you purchase a property you take on rights and responsibilities not just for your own house but also relating to the wider area.

The Title Deeds impose “real” obligations on the owners of property. This means that these obligations will continue even when a house has been sold with responsibility passing to the new owner.

Estate Management Services

Your Title Deeds establish your responsibility for meeting a share of the cost of maintaining the common areas within your estate. The Deeds also give us the right, as Estate Manager, to recover the direct costs of any work as well as all costs incurred in managing the service. If you are unsure about any aspect of your responsibilities as a home owner, you should seek advice from your solicitor.

When the maintenance required is to a common part of a flat (or block) the Title Deeds should detail the parts which are common and identify the basis on which each owners share is calculated. If the Title Deeds do not provide for this then the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004 provides legal responsibilities for maintenance and management of tenements which fills any gaps in the Title Deeds.


Our Estate Management Service is governed by the following legislation:

The Tenements (Scotland) Act 2014

Title Conditions Act 2003

The Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011

The Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011

This legislation came into force on 1 October 2012 and we are classified as a property factor. We are required to issue all owners with a Written Statement of Service receiving a factoring service. Our Written Statement of Services has been determined by the terms and conditions in the Title Deeds under which we operate. We have five different sets of Written Statement which can be identified by the type of estate and property that you own:

Scottish Special Housing Association Estate, House

Scottish Special Housing Association Estate, Flat

Scottish Special Housing Association Estate, Common Close

New Housing Partnership Estate, House

Corbiehall, Flat

Each estate and property will have a different share of any repair costs depending on the number of properties within the original estate (Feu divisor) or the shared responsibility for property specific common areas such as a shared roof or common close. This detail is provided in an appendix as it is property specific. If you require a copy of your appendix please contact our Owners Liaison Officer.

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