Compliments, Comments and Complaints

We want your feedback to ensure we can assess our service and respond to comments. Please contact our Owners Liaison Officer to discuss any specific issues you have that you feel needs our attention.

Once a repair has been completed we send a repair feedback form. We will also be carrying out an annual survey to ensure we listen to owner’s comments and can assess the Estate Management service provided.

To provide us with feedback on a repair please us the Contact Us form on this page.

To provide us with feedback on our Estate Management Service please e-mail our Owners Liaison Officer.

Complaint Resolution

We have a Complaint Policy which you can use if you are unhappy with the service provided.

From 1 December 2016, the Housing and Property Chamber was established and takes on the functions of the former Home Owner and Housing Panel and the Private Rented Housing Panel.

If our complaints policy has not adequately addressed your complaint you need to contact the Housing Property Chamber First-tier Tribunal. The First-tier Tribunal is organised into a series of chambers. To take a complaint to the Housing Property Chamber First-tier Tribunal you must first complete our internal complaints process explaining the reasons why you consider we have failed to carry out our duties, or failed to comply with the Code. We must also have refused to resolve your concerns, or have unreasonably delayed attempting to resolve them.  Contact us for further information on our policy or you can view it here Complaints Policy

An application to the Housing Property Chamber First-tier Tribunal must be done in writing and details can be found on their website at However you are still required to allow us a reasonable opportunity to address your complaint before using the new Housing Property Chamber First-tier Tribunal process.

You can obtain further information on the Housing Property Chamber First-tier Tribunal here


Weslo Housing Management are considering setting up a focus group to help us to provide a better service to owners within our estates. If you would like to take part please email our Owners Liaison Officer with your name, contact details, and a brief description of the Estate Management Service you are particularly interested in.

For the latest information and guidance on how we are working during the COVID-19 outbreak, please click here: Read More