Recycling Information

Recycling Information

Recycling means using waste materials to manufacture new products. Materials like cans, glass, paper and textiles are valuable resources that can be used to make new products. See below for a list of what can be recycled.

•Food and drinks cans


•Plastic bottles and trays






•Glass bottles and jars


•Large domestic plastics, such as garden furniture


•Fridges and freezers


•White goods, such as washing machines


•Small electrical appliances




•Textiles, including shoes


•Light bulbs






•Garden waste




•Mineral oil






•Upholstered furniture and divan bed bases


•Gas cylinders


•Scrap metal


•Vehicle batteries


•Household batteries








•Non-recyclable household wasteBag for Life



For information on where you can recycle click on links below:

West Lothian           




To make it easier for you to recycle as much as possible, separate containers are provided at each site to help you segregate your waste into the different recyclable types. Please sort your waste for reuse, recycling and composting before you visit the recycling centre.

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