Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Landlord and Tenant

Weslo has a legal responsibility to carry out certain repairs while others are the responsibility of tenants.

The following allocation of responsibility for repairs between Weslo and its tenants represents the present policy of Weslo.

It should be noted that the tenant may be responsible for the cost of a repair if it can be shown that the repair is required as a result of negligence as indicated in Section 2.2 of the Tenancy Agreement.

Item Weslo Tenant Exception
Back boiler Weslo
Banister (internal) Weslo
Bath Weslo
Boundary fences Weslo
Ceilings Weslo
Chimney (incl pots & cowls) Weslo
Cistern Weslo
Close doors Weslo
Clothes poles Weslo
Communal areas to flats Weslo
Cupboards *
Damp-proof course Weslo
Decoration *
Divisional fences (between tenants) *
Door bell *
Doors  internal/external Weslo
Door locks (external) Weslo Where tenant has lost or broken key
Door numerals Weslo
Down pipe (soil/rain water) Weslo
Drainage (incl blockages) Weslo
Driveways * Where it forms part of pedestrian access to house
Drying areas Weslo
Electric heating Weslo
Electric plugs *
Electric wiring (incl sockets & switches) Weslo
Entry systems Weslo
Estate footpaths, walls and fences Weslo
Fan Weslo
Fascia boards, soffit boards etc Weslo
Fire grates and surrounds Weslo
Fires, gas or electric Weslo
Floorboards Weslo
Floor tiles, standard floor finish Weslo
Foundations Weslo
Fuse box, fuses/MCB Weslo
Fuses (main) ELCB Weslo
Fuse on plug *
Gas central heating (incl water pipes, radiators, timers, thermostats, pumps, etc) Weslo Unauthorised installations or those not adopted by Weslo for maintenance
Gas fires Weslo Unauthorised installations or those not adopted by Weslo for maintenance
Gas water heater Weslo Unauthorised installations or those not adopted by Weslo for maintenance
Gas piping Weslo
Garages Weslo Timber garages erected by tenant or unauthorised installations
Garden huts *
Gates Weslo Where not provided by Weslo
Glazing (external) Weslo
Glazing (internal) *
Greenhouses *
Guttering Weslo
Handrail (external & internal) Weslo
Immersion heater Weslo
Keys (replacement) *
Kitchen fittings and worktops Weslo
Light holders (incl pendants & ceiling roses) Weslo
Light bulbs *
Lock-ups (provided by Weslo) Weslo
Loft Hatch (common stair) Weslo
Loft Hatch (within house) Weslo
Outbuildings Where provided by Weslo
Overflow Weslo
Painting (external) Weslo
Painting (internal) *
Parking areas (communal) Weslo
Path giving main access to house but only to avoid a hazard Weslo
Path to garden but only to avoid hazard Weslo
Plaster (plasterboard) Weslo
Play equipment (play areas) Weslo
Plugs/chains for sinks/whb/bath Weslo
Porch Weslo Unauthorised structures
Pumps Weslo
Radiators Weslo
Retaining walls in garden (provided by Weslo) Weslo
Roof (incl tiles) Weslo
Roof light (skylights) Weslo
Ropes (for pulleys, rotary driers or poles) *
Rotary drier Weslo Where portable
Roughcast Weslo
Sheds *
Shower unit * Where provided by Weslo
Sink base unit Weslo
Sink unit top Weslo
Skirtings Weslo
Smoke detectors :

Mains powered

Battery powered





Testing and cleaning

Battery replacement

Soft furnishings (where provided by Weslo) Weslo
Stairs (common access) Weslo
Stairs (internal) Weslo
Stair lighting Weslo
Steps Weslo
Taps Weslo
Toilet Weslo
TV aerials * Where provided by Weslo
TV aerial sockets Weslo
Ventilators Weslo Unauthorised installations
Verandah (balcony) Weslo
Wash hand basin Weslo
Washer on taps Weslo
Water heating Weslo Unauthorised installations
Water supply (incl cold & hot water storage tanks and pipes) Weslo
WC bowl Weslo
WC cistern Weslo
Window frame Weslo
Window fittings (incl catches) Weslo
Window sill Weslo

Rechargeable Repairs

Weslo has the ability to recharge tenants for the cost of a repair where the Tenancy Agreement identifies that a repair is the tenants responsibility. This includes repairs which are attributed to negligence, wilful damage or accidental damage by the tenant, a member of their household or a visitor to the home.

Examples of the type of repairs that tenants may be recharged for are as follows:

  • Lost keys
  • Broken glass
  • Electrical faults caused by domestic appliances

Tenants may also be charged for abortive calls / visits by maintenance staff if they have failed to give Weslo adequate notice that they will not be available for an appointment.

Gas Annual Visit

Weslo take their commitment to gas safety very seriously to ensure that tenants, their family, neighbours, and the general public’s health and safety are not placed at risk.

Report a Repair

We will:

  • Meet our statutory obligations
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure that the annual gas safety check is carried out within 12 months of being installed, or at intervals of not more than 12 months since the last safety check
  • Make a reasonable amount of attempts to gain access to a tenants home for the purpose of carrying out the annual gas safety check
  • Exercise our right under the terms of the tenancy agreement to gain access through forcible entry where necessary, and in accordance with our company procedures
  • Leave tenants properties secure after a forced entry
  • Correspond with tenants during, and following the above process.

Weslo carry out a rolling annual Landscape Maintenance Programme.


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