Wipe out blocked drains

Wipe out blocked drains

Flushing things like wipes, nappies or cotton buds down the toilet can cause drains to block, flooding you and your neighbours. If a blocked drain is found to have been caused by something that you, or a member of household, have flushed, we reserve the right to recover the cost of clearing the blockage.

It’s easy in the bathroom just follow our Three P’s rule and only flush pee, poo and toilet paper.

Everything else should go in the bin, not down your toilet – check out the bathroom checklist of ‘never flush’ items below:

  1. all wipes (baby, personal cleansing, toilet and household cleaning) – even if the pack says ‘flushable’
  2. sanitary items (sanitary towels, tampons, liners, applicators and backing strips;
  3. cotton wool, cotton buds, disposable nappies and nappy liners
  4. condoms, incontinence pads, colostomy bags, used bandages and contact lenses


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