Helping our Tenants

Customer Care

It is important that customers of Weslo are dealt with in a consistent manner by staff. It is important therefore that staff have access to guidance on dealing with enquiries.

Weslo’s internal procedure outlines a working style which embraces the concepts and philosophy behind the Citizens Charter. While Weslo are not bound by this Charter, it promotes 6 main principles:-

    • Consultation
    • Standards
    • Information & Openness
    • Courtesy & Helpfulness
    • Putting Things Right
    • Value For Money

Customer Care

These principles are fundamental in achieving Weslo’s objectives.

  • improved image
  • consistency of approach
  • improved management
  • customer satisfaction

Weslo aims to provide a quality service to our customers and everyone in the organisation should strive to get it right first time, every time, to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Staff are encouraged to look for ways to say YES rather than no.

Tenant Participation

“Weslo is committed to improving the service that tenants receive by giving tenants a greater say and influence on decisions affecting their homes”

Weslo employs a variety of methods to involve and solicit the views of tenants on services. For example Weslo’s maintenance workforce carry hand held electronic survey devices to record tenant satisfaction after repairs are carried out (approx. 8,000 p.a.) which affords tenants the opportunity to deliver opinions on our reactive maintenance service. Similarly tenants included in our planned maintenance programme are given satisfaction cards to tell us about their experience of the work e.g. timing, tidiness, contractor performance etc. The potential for posting feedback to a forum on our website is also under consideration.

As  well as a bi-annual newsletter posted to each household, which typically offers news and views we also carry out regular in-depth tenant satisfaction surveys. We have also set up an electronic focus group with over 500 tenants.  The objective of this group is to provide comment on Weslo services, new policies and initiatives.

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The views of this group will be referred to the Tenant Participation Committee for consideration.  There are opportunities to get involved in decision making within Weslo through monthly Tenant Participation meetings, email, closed Facebook groups dedicated to Tenant Participation and also an Editorial panel.

The Tenant Participation Committee is open to all Weslo tenants to join and therefore it seeks to represent all groups within the communities which Weslo serves. It is the gateway to the Board for all matters on which Weslo requires tenant input. The Board itself includes Tenant Directors elected to their positions by independent elections involving all householders and managed for Weslo by the Electoral Reform Society.

As well as this there is a regular newsletter which typically offers news and views. We also carry out regular in-depth tenant satisfaction surveys.

Full details of our Tenant Participation Strategy can be found here.

Help to improve social landlord service.

The Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) regulates all social landlords in Scotland, and is setting up a new National Panel for users of social landlord services.  All people who use social landlord services are invited to join the Panel – including tenants, homeless households, home owners who receive factoring or common repairs services, and Gypsies/Travellers using Council or housing association sites.

To join or find out more…

Sign up online at

OR call Craigforth (who manage the Panel) on 0800 027 2245

OR email Craigforth on

Education – Adult Learning in West Lothian

Why not enrol in one of West Lothian Council’s adult learning courses to learn new skills, (for beginners to PC Passport).

If you are interested, please click here for more information.


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