Frequently Asked Questions

Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayQ. What will happen to Weslo if there is a yes vote?
A. Weslo will no longer be your landlord, your tenancy agreement will be with Link but the same staff will deliver your services. You would not need to sign up to a new tenancy agreement.

Q. Is Weslo in some kind of difficulty?
A. Weslo is not in any legal or financial difficulty, they wish to improve your homes and services and keep rent increases to a minimum. This could be done by Weslo, but it would take a long time and rents would rise and may become unaffordable. Improvements would happen much more quickly with Link.

Q. Does this mean there will be changes locally to staff or services?
A. All staff are protected and will transfer to Link. There may be some staff structure changes if the transfer goes ahead, but these changes would be to ensure better services for you.

Q. How can I share my views on this or gain more information?
A. Contact TPAS Scotland your ITA. There will be no change unless tenants vote yes, however you giving us your opinions throughout the process is vital to ensure your views are at the heart of this process.

Q. Is it a done deal?
A. No! Weslo wants to hear your views about what you think needs to be done to your homes and services to shape the future – get involved and let us know how you feel about this proposed change.

Q. What is the role of TPAS?
A. Our role is to provide you with independent, impartial information and give you the opportunity to ask questions. We will never tell you how to vote.

Q. Will my rights as a tenant change?
A. Your rights will not change. You will not be asked to sign a new tenancy agreement and will continue to have a Scottish Secure Tenancy with all the associated rights and responsibilities continuing unchanged.

Q. Do I have a vote in the decision?
A. Yes, all tenants and joint tenants have a vote in the secret ballot which is likely to be in March 2021.

Q. If the proposal goes ahead how will I report a repair, make a complaint, or make a general enquiry?
A. Just the same way as normal, there will be no change in day to day communications.

Q. What improvements are being planned?
A. Link must put in place plans to maintain and upgrade its homes, other improvements depend on what you and other tenants tell us are your priorities.

Q. What will happen with my rent?
A. Link will be offering a rent guarantee for a period of time. The Weslo Board will scrutinise Link’s business case to assess its offer on affordable rents for the long term, and the formal proposals that we send to you in January for consultation will spell this out.

If you have any other questions please contact us at or speak to your housing officer.


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