TPAS is an independent tenant led organisation. It is our job to:

  • Give you independent advice and information about the proposed TOE
  • Make sure you have a strong voice in the future of Weslo homes and services
  • Find out what your priorities are for the future of your homes and services
  • Make sure you can influence the process
  • Assess the business case and financial plans from your proposed new landlord to ensure the proposals are robust and affordable
  • Clarify any questions, issues, or concerns you have
  • Give you a range of ways to speak to us and ask questions
  • Ensure that you understand what you are voting for in the tenant ballot

We will give you information on the process from the start to the ballot.  We will make sure all tenants have a strong voice to influence the future. One of our main messages is nothing can happen without a majority of tenants voting for change in a secret ballot.

For information and advice on any aspect of the Transfer, please contact TPAS on Freephone 0800 049 5761 or email Lesley Baird at



For the latest information and guidance on how we are working during the COVID-19 outbreak, please click here: Read More